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How Do I Consign?    

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Please send an email icluding your pictures and description This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or bring in a picture of your furniture pieces.From a picture we are able to get a sense of style and condition.Or you can bring in items to our store.Please call ahead to make sure we have room. We accept consignments 7 days a week during our store hours.


What Do We Accept?

We accept a wide variety of furniture and home décor, including antiques, collectibles, Oriental rugs, vintage items and vintage/costume jewelry.


Who Sets The Price?

The pricing of merchandise is established with you, the consignor, given the information provided about the merchandise.A fair market value price will then be determined.We have been here ten years and factor in our experience and how similar items have sold here in the past.


How Do I Get Items To Your Store?

We sub-contract out pickup and delivery.The rates are based on how many pieces of furniture you have and the location.You can also bring the items to our store yourself.Large items will require you to bring help to carry into the store.


How Do I Get Paid?

Elite Repeat automatically mails out your check the following month after the item has sold.Example: for all items sold in January, the check will be mailed out at the end of February.


What Happens If My Furniture Does Not Sell?

Almost everything sells at Elite Repeat.If, for some reason, your furniture is still here after 90 days you are free to pick the item up.No written contact will be made if your furniture does not sell so please keep track of your own items or the furniture will become the property of Elite Repeat.




Merchandise is on consignment for a period of three (3) months according to these terms unless other arrangements are agreed upon.

  1. Merchandise will be placed for sale at full price for the first month, 10% off during the second month and an additional 10% off of the original price during the third month.
  2. Elite Repeat reserves the right to discount your merchandise up to an additional 10%.
  3. Merchandise is left at the consignor’s own risk.Elite Repeat is not responsible for lost, stolen or broken merchandise.
  4. Elite Repeat sells all merchandise “as is”.
  5. Any merchandise not presented to Elite Repeat in saleable condition will be charged a $25.00 “cleanup fee”.
  6. Consignors are paid a 50% commission of the final selling price.There is a $3.00 check processing fee.
  7. Checks will be mailed out to the consignor at the end of each month for the items sold during the previous 30 days.
  8. Independent contractors utilized to pick up your consigned merchandise are to be paid directly.
  9. If the consignor picks up their merchandise before the end of the 95-day selling period, they will be charged 25% of the original selling price.If merchandise is not sold after a 90-day period the consignor is responsible to reclaim and retrieve their items that have not sold.Merchandise left after that time period will become the property of Elite Repeat.No telephone or written contact can be provided to consignors.

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